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Would you like to be part of the Memory, Attention, & Cognitive Control Lab? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Günseli to volunteer as a research assistant, or to apply for an MA or a post-doc position.

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Eren Günseli

Principal Investigator

Eren is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Sabancı University in Istanbul.

Eren's research focuses on attention and memory, and their interactions. He studies these topics using a combination of behavioral, eye tracking, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and electroencephalogram (EEG) techniques.

His CV can be found here.

Serra Akyurt

Lab Manager/ Research Specialist

Serra graduated from the Sabanci University psychology department in 2019. She took part in a project during her BA degree which is supervised by Nihan Alp. The project was about the objective measurement of integration processes during local-global motion perception. She worked at Pinna Psikoloji as an assistant psychologist since July 2019.

Serra is curious about the human brain and psychopathology. Apart from psychology, she is really into the history of art.

Zozan Ayluçtarhan 

Lab Manager/ Research Specialist

Zozan obtained her BA degree from Bilkent University in 2019. She wrote her senior thesis on status quo bias and trade-offs in mate selection decisions after working in social psychology lab for almost two years. During her undergraduate years she worked as a researcher in a meta-analysis team investigating batterer men and the effectiveness of various therapies on their violent behaviors (Karakurt, Koc, Cetinsaya, Ayluctarhan, & Bolen, 2019). She is predominantly interested in the roles of cognitive processes affecting certain behavior patterns and even disorders such as ADHD. Knowing that human behavior is a complex and stratified combination of many variables; Zozan thinks that human nature is like dessert Ashura and she minds having a palate appreciative enough to allow tasting every ingredient of it. Meanwhile, she is preoccupied with experiencing meditation, and at the same time, she is a part-time coffee shop discoverer, a full-time coffee drinker.

Bilge Uysal

Research Volunteer

Bilge is a senior psychology student in Sabanci University. During her Erasmus in Netherlands, she started her own project on human perception towards robots; and investigated gesture effect in Human-Robot Interaction with Turkish and Dutch individuals. She is mainly interested in the brain mechanisms that are responsible for memory and how memories are encoded and retrieved in different situations. She thinks the brain is a mystery that has a lot to discover yet and wants to be a part of this discovery. Besides her academic life, she enjoys rock climbing, camping and she practices yoga.  

Duygu Yücel

Research Volunteer

Duygu graduated from the industrial engineering department of Sabancı University in 2019. She has a minor in psychology. She knew her heart was beating with psychology, but she discovered her main research interest area in psychology with her Bachelor’s thesis in engineering which was about the digitalization of the decision making process. She is interested in changing human behaviors in the digitalized world and cognitive processes. Currently, in addition to her role in MACC lab, she is a volunteer researcher in the neuroscience research conducted by Nihan Alp. Besides psychology, the other thing she cannot stay away from is the sea. She enjoys sailing. Also, she considers herself as a half-professional photographer

Yağmur Şentürk

Research Volunteer

Yağmur is a senior student at Sabancı University where she is majoring in psychology. Her interest has always been cognitive mechanisms of the human mind. Thus, she worked as a research volunteer in different lab environments to be amazed by domains and methodologies of cognitive science.

Her research experiences include speech-gesture integration in human development and human-robot interaction, motor and cognitive development of infants, and dynamic face perception. Currently, she is also working on mechanisms of face perception in the Alp Visual Neuroscience Lab. In MACC Lab, she is thrilled to be working on the effects of task-relevant information on memory.

Besides all these cool stuff, she practices yoga regularly, and always bakes her cakes and bread.


(past & present)

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Johannes Fahrenfort (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) 

Nicole Hakim (University of Chicago)

Martijn Meeter (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) 

Dirk van Moorselaar (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Christian N L Olivers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

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