Starting Fall 2020 
Another lab Codenames Challenge day while celebrating the new academic year!

Would you like to be part of the Memory, Attention, & Cognitive Control Lab? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Günseli to volunteer as a research assistant, or to apply for an MA or a post-doc position.

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Eren Günseli

Principal Investigator

Eren is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Sabancı University in Istanbul.

Eren's research focuses on attention and memory, and their interactions. He studies these topics using a combination of behavioral, eye tracking, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and electroencephalogram (EEG) techniques.

His CV can be found here.

Eren also spends lots of time checking wind forecast and much less time to actually utilize this information by going kiteboarding.

Duygu Yücel

MSc student

Duygu graduated from the industrial engineering department of Sabancı University in 2019. She has a minor in psychology. After a short period in the private sector, she decided to follow her heart. It is not a surprise that she is eager to understand the nature of decision-making and how different factors affect it. She thinks that understanding memory is an essential step in understanding human nature. She is interested in understanding the functional architecture associated with memory. Besides psychology, she enjoys sailing. Also, she considers herself as a half-professional photographer.

Bilge Uysal

Research Volunteer

Bilge is a senior psychology student in Sabanci University. During her Erasmus in Netherlands, she started her own project on human perception towards robots; and investigated gesture effect in Human-Robot Interaction with Turkish and Dutch individuals. She is mainly interested in the brain mechanisms that are responsible for memory and how memories are encoded and retrieved in different situations. She thinks the brain is a mystery that has a lot to discover yet and wants to be a part of this discovery. Besides her academic life, she enjoys rock climbing, camping and she practices yoga.  

Serra Akyurt

Research volunteer

Serra graduated from the Sabanci University psychology department in 2019. She took part in a project during her BA degree which is supervised by Nihan Alp. The project was about the objective measurement of integration processes during local-global motion perception. She worked at Pinna Psikoloji as an assistant psychologist since July 2019.

Serra is curious about the human brain and psychopathology. Apart from psychology, she is really into the history of art.

Yağmur Şentürk

Research Volunteer

Yağmur is a senior psychology student at Sabancı University. She worked as a research volunteer in different labs and studied vision, motor and cognitive development. In MACC Lab, she will be working on the effects of task-relevant information on memory.
She also spends a considerable amount of her time practicing yoga and baking.

Zozan Ayluçtarhan 

Research volunteer

Zozan obtained her BA degree from Bilkent University in 2019. During her undergraduate years she worked as a researcher in a meta-analysis team investigating batterer men and their violent behaviors (Karakurt, Koc, Cetinsaya, Ayluctarhan, & Bolen, 2019) and worked in social psychology lab for almost two years. Currently she is a master’s student at Maltepe University, Clinical Psychology program. She is interested in the roles of cognitive processes affecting certain behavior patterns and psychological disorders. Aside from science, she is a part-time coffee shop discoverer, a full-time coffee drinker.

Fatih Serin

MSc student

Fatih obtained his BSc from the psychology department of Middle East Technical University in 2020. During his undergraduate, he studied memory, attention, perception, and EEG methods as an intern at several labs at METU and Bilkent University. He became part of a project investigating memory recognition through memory models. He is interested in how memory and attention interact.

Aside from psychology, Fatih is a basketball enthusiast. He also likes table tennis, and running, and loves to watch old and boring films and series.

Nursima Ünver

MSc student

Nursima received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Middle East Technical University in 2020. During her undergraduate education, she worked at several laboratories to improve her research skills and discover major cognitive mechanisms like attention, memory, and perception. She also has an interest in Traffic Psychology since she sees traffic as a complex playground for the human mind. Currently, she is continuing her education in Cognitive Psychology Master’s Program at Sabancı University.

Besides her enthusiasm for psychology and research, she is a home chef who loves to explore and cook different cuisines.

Sena Ataseven

MSc student

Sena graduated from MEF University psychology program. During her bachelor education, she participated in various laboratories of various fields and decided that she is interested in cognitive psychology. Furthermore, she assisted projects on moral decision making and learning by association. However in the last year of her BA she became very excited to explore underlying mechanisms of memory more profoundly.


Besides her education, she is (very) unprofessionally interested in music and loves to prepare her own travel guide books.

Lara Todorova

Postdoctoral research scholar

Zeynep Adıgüzel

Post-MA research scholar &

Lab manager

Zeynep worked on language and memory interface in her master’s studies and now is interested in how we perceive ongoing events and various processes affecting how we remember them.


Other than academic work, she loves taking analog photographs and visiting new places. She also always thinks of going back to learning Italian but never does.

During her PhD, Lara investigated how semantic information affects visual perception in the context of simple binary decision making tasks. She used a combination of computational modeling of behavioral performance and neuroimaging methods (fMRI, MEG) to address the topic. Broadly she is interested in contributions of the systems of memory and control to flexible behavioral performance. In her spare time, Lara enjoys blogging about science-related issues, trying new sports, and sampling cuisines of different types.


none yet :)



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