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Celebrating the arrival of our new eye tracker! (September 2021) Photo by İlker Duymaz

CogSciDays21 - Poster sunumu.jpg

First lab presentations by Nursima Ünver (on the left) and Fatih Serin (on the right; September, 2021). Photo by Eren Günseli

Would you like to be part of the Memory, Attention, & Cognitive Control Lab? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Günseli to apply for research assistantship, an MA or a Ph.D. position. Check the Vacancies page for details.

Eren Günseli

Principal Investigator

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Eren is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Sabancı University in Istanbul.

Eren's research focuses on attention and memory, and their interactions. He studies these topics using a combination of behavioral, eye tracking, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and electroencephalogram (EEG) techniques.

His CV can be found here.

Eren also spends lots of time checking wind forecast and much less time to actually utilize this information by going kiteboarding.

Lara Todorova

Postdoctoral research scholar

During her PhD, Lara investigated how semantic information affects visual perception in the context of simple binary decision making tasks. She used a combination of computational modeling of behavioral performance and neuroimaging methods (fMRI, MEG) to address the topic. Broadly she is interested in contributions of the systems of memory and control to flexible behavioral performance. In her spare time, Lara enjoys blogging about science-related issues, trying new sports, and sampling cuisines of different types.

Berna Güler

PhD student


Berna graduated from Bahcesehir University Cognitive Neuropsychology master program and worked for two years at BAU Brain and Cognition Lab. During her master's studies, she evaluated metacognitive judgments in semantic memory by using EEG. She also worked in ÇAPA and conducted neuropsychological assessments for 3 years, and she still continues. In addition to academic work, she likes camping, traveling, trying new kinds of sports and reading books. 

Pelin Akbaş 

Lab manager

Pelin Akbaş.JPG

Pelin is an undergraduate student at Sabancı University, majoring in Psychology. She is also doing a minor in Decision and Behavior. Currently, in MACC lab she is involved in a project that investigates how memory and attention interact. She is keen on both psychology and history of art.


She likes doing pilates, enjoys walks along the seashores, and loves seeing new places. She also loves dogs and hopes to adopt one.

Duygu Yücel

MSc student

Duygu photo.JPG

Duygu graduated from the industrial engineering department of Sabancı University in 2019. She has a minor in psychology. After a short period in the private sector, she decided to follow her heart. It is not a surprise that she is eager to understand the nature of decision-making and how different factors affect it. She thinks that understanding memory is an essential step in understanding human nature. She is interested in understanding the functional architecture associated with memory. Besides psychology, she enjoys sailing. Also, she considers herself as a half-professional photographer.

Fatih Serin

MSc student

Fatih  headshot.jpg

Fatih obtained his BSc from the psychology department of Middle East Technical University in 2020. During his undergraduate, he studied memory, attention, perception, and EEG methods as an intern at several labs at METU and Bilkent University. He became part of a project investigating memory recognition through memory models. He is interested in how memory and attention interact.

Aside from psychology, Fatih is a basketball enthusiast. He also likes table tennis, and running, and loves to watch old and boring films and series.

Nursima Ünver

MSc student


Nursima received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Middle East Technical University in 2020. During her undergraduate education, she worked at several laboratories to improve her research skills and discover major cognitive mechanisms like attention, memory, and perception. She also has an interest in Traffic Psychology since she sees traffic as a complex playground for the human mind. Currently, she is continuing her education in Cognitive Psychology Master’s Program at Sabancı University.

Besides her enthusiasm for psychology and research, she is a home chef who loves to explore and cook different cuisines.

Sena Ataseven

MSc student

Sena Ataseven.jpg

Sena graduated from MEF University psychology program. During her bachelor education, she participated in various laboratories of various fields and decided that she is interested in cognitive psychology. Furthermore, she assisted projects on moral decision making and learning by association. However in the last year of her BA she became very excited to explore underlying mechanisms of memory more profoundly.


Besides her education, she is (very) unprofessionally interested in music and loves to prepare her own travel guide books.

Sümeyye Karahamza

MSc student


Sümeyye graduated from the psychology department of MEF University in 2021. During her undergraduate education, she worked as a teaching assistant for various multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate courses. Furthermore, she voluntarily participated in different studies in Brain Dynamics Lab at MEF University and passionately studied how to ease and optimize the hiring process with the help of working memory tasks. Her biggest area of interest is the human brain, especially working memory. Besides her academic interests, she is a fan of crime and thriller movies and loves to eat baked potato while rewatching Fringe episodes for the 100th time. 

Yağmur Şentürk

MSc Student


Yağmur is a psychology graduate from Sabancı University. She worked as a research volunteer in different labs and studied vision, motor and cognitive development. In MACC Lab, she is investigating the relationship between the storage of task rules and task-relevant items in working memory and long-term memory. She also spends a considerable amount of her time practicing yoga and baking.

Şahcan Özdemir

MSc student


Şahcan graduated from Middle East Technical University NCC Psychology Department. He worked in a visual neuroscience laboratory during his undergraduate internship, and also took part in different studies during his undergraduate years. After his experience with different subfields of cognitive neuroscience, he focused on the memory reactivations, working memory and long-term memory relationships. He is also interested in EEG research and different analytical approaches to the cognitive neuroscience field.

Besides his research interests, he enjoys playing and learning to play instruments such as guitar, ney and trumpet. He is also interested in literature, philosophy and hitting the gym with his PI.

İdil Tatar

Visiting Research Scholar


İdil obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Yeditepe University. She is eager to gain a holistic approach to human behavior. During her undergraduate studies, she took part in several research groups on cognitive psychology. She had her internship at the physiology department of Istanbul University where she acquired EEG measures and neuropsychological assessments of patients with mild cognitive impairments. Currently, she is an M.Sc. student of Bremen University and is having her master’s internship at MACC Laboratory working on fMRI data analysis of the project investigating Context and Working Memory relationship. Aside from her academic life, she explores nature, paints, dances, and is interested in embodied aesthetic experience.

Betül Türk

Research Volunteer 


Betül is a senior psychology student at Cankaya University. She has a deep interest in cognitive processes, particularly memory and attention. In MACC Lab, she takes part in a project that investigates memory during mental operations. Apart from her academic interests, Betül is a cycling enthusiast who enjoys even watching boring six-hour bike races.

Gubse Nur Aydın

Research assistant

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-22 at 12.09.24 AM.jpeg

Gubse is a senior Psychology student doing minors in “Decision and Behavior” and “Philosophy”. Currently, she helps and learns from Dr. Todorova as a research assistant in MACC Lab. She is interested in the cognitive processes, brain pathways, social/affective psychology, decision-making, and the list goes on. Well, she also has ADHD, which makes her interested in many topics. So, she is still figuring out what will be her general research topic in the future. For now, she is just enjoying learning about a wide range of topics; including behavioral economics! When she is not hyper focused on academia; she enjoys going to concerts, being in nature, doing yoga and spending time with friends. Her latest hobby is rock climbing and she is sticking with it!

Yaren Kaynar

Research assistant


Yaren is a senior student in Psychology at Sabancı University and is also minoring in Gender and Women Studies. In MACC lab she is involved in studies that investigate the interactions between working memory and attention. She is also interested in decision-making processes and their relationship with memory.
Yaren likes going to concerts, doing pilates and exploring new places with her friends. She also enjoys spending time with her cat.

Can Demircan

Research Volunteer 


Can did his undergrad in experimental psychology at the University of Oxford. He investigated how statistical regularities and task relevance of stimuli affect visual information processing combining behavioural modelling and fMRI. He is currently a part of a project in MACC lab that investigates how different aspects of working memory interact with long-term memory. He is also broadly interested in formal models of higher-order cognition and meta-scientific issues around cognitive neuroscience. Can also enjoys playing music with his friends when he can.​​

Serra Akyurt

Research volunteer

Serra graduated from the Sabanci University psychology department in 2019. She took part in a project during her BA degree which is supervised by Nihan Alp. The project was about the objective measurement of integration processes during local-global motion perception. She worked at Pinna Psikoloji as an assistant psychologist since July 2019.

Serra is curious about the human brain and psychopathology. Apart from psychology, she is really into the history of art.

Ece Karagül

Research assistant


Ece is an undergraduate Psychology student at Sabancı University, also doing a minor in “Art Theory and Criticism”. She is currently involved in a project in MACC lab that focuses on the effect of divided attention on memory retrieval. She is also interested in affective neuroscience and cognitive processes. 


Ece enjoys exploring and trying new foods around the city with her friends, reading crime novels, as well as sketching and painting. 


Former research volunteers

Bilge Uysal (MSc student at Radboud University) 

Zeynep Adıgüzel (MSc student at Koç University) 

Zozan Ayluçtarhan (MSc student at Maltepe University)



(past & present)

Kirsten Adam (University of California, San Diego)

Mariam Aly (Columbia University)

Edward Awh (University of Chicago)

Aysecan Boduroglu (Bogazici University)

Tobias Egner (Duke University)

Johannes Fahrenfort (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) 

Keisuke Fukuda (University of Toronto)

Nicole Hakim (University of Chicago)

Martijn Meeter (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) 

Dirk van Moorselaar (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Christian N L Olivers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

David Sutterer (Vanderbilt University)

Jan Theeuwes (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Edward Vogel (University of Chicago)


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